Departmental Library

Location:- Third Floor Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Department

Capacity:- The library can accomodate 30 students at a time

Usage:- Reading, Writing, Research of information and Browse

i) Nigerian Journal of Engineering, Zaria.
(ii) Nigerian Journal of Technology, Nsukka.
(iii) Journal of Scientific Research, Zaria.
(iv)NSE Technical Transaction.
(v) Water Resources Research.
(vi) Water Research etc

i) Fluid Mechanics Textbooks.
(ii) Hydrology Textbooks.
(iii) Water PowerSystem Textbooks.
(iv)Mathematics Textbooks.
(v) Hydraulic Textbooks.
(vi) Civil Engineering Materails Textbooks.
(vii) Structural Engineering Textbook.
(viii)Water Treatment Textbook.
(ix) Waster Water Treatment Textbook.
(x) Surveying Textbook and Water Practice Textbook

i) Nigerian Water Resources Master Plan.
(ii) Nigerian Hydrological Studies NorthWest.
(iii) Kaduna State Water Resources Master Plan.
(iv)Report on Kainji Lake Studies.
(v) Report on Design of Kaduna Urban Water Supply.

Project and Thesis:-
All copies of B.Eng, MSc. and PhD. Projects, Thesis and dissertation as of all graduates of the department to date are available.