Philosophy Statement

The undergraduate programme in water resources and environmental engineering at A.B.U. is a five –year degree programme post senior secondary school certificate examination (SSSCE) and it leads to the award of Bachelor of Engineering degree. The curricula provide a sound basis in Mathematics, engineering Science and Design. Also, instructions are given in the other relevant fields, which have direct impact on the profession in our contemporary society. Such fields include Economics, Law, Sociology and Management studies.

The first two years are regarded as the foundation years and are common to all engineering programmes in the Faculty of Engineering. The foundation years are intended to give the students a broad-based education underlying reengineering principles. The remaining three years are the professional years during which design and construction techniques and research and engineering judgement are emphasized particularly in the final year. In addition, practical work in form of students’ Work Experience Programme (SWEP) and Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) are linked with the formal lectures, tutorials, design and laboratory exercises.

The SWEP is designed to give basic skills and practice to all the 200 level Engineering Students in the Faculty. It lasts for eight weeks in Faculty during the long vacation of the second year. It lasts for eight weeks in the Faculty during the long vacation of the second year. The SIWES is designed to expose the students to situations in relevant industries and establishment and to give them the opportunity to apply the theory learnt in the practical aspects of the profession. The students are required to undergo two periods of SIWES. The first is for a period of 8 weeks during the long vacation following the third year. The second period is during the second semester of the fourth year plus the long vacation. The entire duration of this second period is expected to last for 22 weeks. Grading of both SWEP and SIWES is on a pass / fail basis. To qualify for the degree, a student must complete both SWEP and SIWES satisfactorily.